Tuesday, June 20, 2006

DAAU's Global Dispositioning System

Submitted by DAAU drummer Boots (translated into English by Blunderpop)

We had to leave the very nice Lars Fusion festival in the German town of Lars (what's in a name?) immediately after the show because we had an early soundcheck the next day in Rudolstadt, which is also in Germany but unfortunately on the other side of the country. So the gang left with some reluctance and in a serious party mood, even though we only had a couple of DVDs to entertain us during the ride.

"There's nothing like Rudolstadt" Literally, according to DAAU's GPS system

As always, we switched on the GPS system - only to wake up 7 hours later in a field in the middle of nowhere. This wouldn't have been a problem if only this field would have sported a) a stage, b) a bar and c) toilets. But this particular field was entirely empty, as well as located on a fairly steep slope ; our van actually started to slide down a bit. Now, the hotel in which we were supposed to stay was located in a Schwarzwald-ish village near Rudolstadt, but it was so tiny and isolated that the GPS system didn't recognise it (so instead it seems to have sent DAAU to a random field somewhere).

After liberating ourselves from our predicament and a criss-cross tour through the area, we finally stumbled upon our hotel. The -very friendly but sleepy-looking- couple that ran the hotel wasn't anticipating any guests at such an unholy hour, so we had to kill some more time playing games of poker while they fixed us up. Needless to say, because of all of this, we slept late and missed half our soundcheck time. Which of course was the reason we had forced ourselves to leave the Lars Fusion festival in the first place...

DAAU (picture by Rob Walbers)

But something good did come out of it after all, because DAAU made a song called 'Dispositioning System' (which you can find on their latest album 'Domestic Wildlife') about their little Spinal Tap episode.

More DAAU here and there

A bonus pic: here you can see Boots-cheeks perform @ Rivierenhof (Antwerpen) with Confituur All-Stars


Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny - i remember the band showing up 20 minutes before they were supposed to play, and they played an amazing set.
... hanno

2:52 PM  
Blogger Blunderpop said...

I'm sure DAAU played a great gig ; it's not exactly a band that gets demotivated by the odd Spinal Tap encounter (or a fauly GPS system). But again: the story we posted is the one Boots sent us.

And besides: arriving 20 minutes before your concert is due to start doesn't exactly give you a lot of soundcheck time, does it? Never mind trying to find out where the bar and the toilets are. Let alone the backstage, where both are free :)

3:02 PM  

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