Friday, September 22, 2006

Butsenzeller vs a senior citizen

After reading Butsenzellers' story below ('No Sleep Till Ranst'), I remembered another incident in which he starred:

It's bad enough when the police comes and closes down your party because of 'sound pollution', but it gets even worse when concerned citizens take the right in their own hands. This is exactly what happened on a block party we organised a few years ago in Antwerp. And again, Butsenzeller was deejaying on the afterparty. There were a lot of people, most of them very drunk, having a good time. Curfew was at midnight and only minutes after the clock struck twelve, a one-person vigilante decided to take action. Suddenly, this old lady made her way through the crowd, entered the stage and in one fluid motion... put her hand on the record that was playing, forcing it to stop. Silence. Butsenzeller was at the time very busy putting on a new record and was wearing a headphone, so it took some time before he realised what was happening. To his amazement he then saw this angry granny standing beside him. He shrugged, hit the start button of the turntable, and the party took off again. For ten seconds. Then the old lady put her hand on the record again, making it stop. Butsenzeller put the record back on. The woman put it off again. And so the struggle went on - it was like a surreal scratching contest. The crowd started to realise what was happening and soon a shower of plastic cups, beer cans, wads of paper and other debris was raining down on the stage. The crowd obviously intended to hit the old lady but being drunk they also hit Butsenzeller, the DJ gear and of course, each other. In the end, Butsenzeller gave up the fight, called it a night and left the stage. A day later we had to excuse ourselves profusely to a very disgruntled neigbourhood committee.


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