Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Traktor, One Louder, Butsenzeller & Discordia Tap

Boots is on a roll. He plays in several other bands besides DAAU, and frequently DJs as well under the Butsenzeller moniker. So he has a lot of Spinal Tap stories. Here are a few titbits (or tidbits according to the puritanical US spelling*) he mailed us (again translated into English by Blunderpop).

One Louder - another band I play in- once had to drive 600km for a gig in Hamburg. The crowd in the venue consisted of exactly 6 (six) persons. So that's about 100km per visitor. *** I also participated in a DJ battle with Mister Bullit and Boss (The Internationals) in Schoten. But there was a delay in the line-up and as there was a strict curfew we only played about 2 records each. The entire 'battle' (more like a very drunk skirmish) lasted less than 15 minutes. But it was a very well-paid job so I'm not complaining. *** With Discobar Discordia -a DJ act I used to do with Dennis Tyfus (Rotkop) with bad music and even worse outfits- we had a surreal experience when we had to play on a fancy fair. Nobody got the irony of our act so the dancefloor remained empty for hours. Eventually, it started to fill up but at that point Dennis -out of sheer frustration probably- put on Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". The dancefloor cleared in seconds - apart from one out of his depth-looking new waver. *** Finally, there was the time one of my other bands, Traktor, did a concert somewhere and the keyboard player was so pissed that he gave our performance quite a twist when he started to use his 11th finger on his keyboard as well. You won't see Jean-Michel Jarre do that anytime soon!

* off-topic but anyway: when the US changed all the 'inapproriate' names on its map (towns, rivers etc...) at the end of the 19th century, they clearly didn't have someone on the board who spoke French. Because the Wyoming map still proudly boasts the Grand Tetons ('big titties') mountain chain and National Park.


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