Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dour festival visitors in deep merde

(story sent to us by happy camper Jan Decoster)

Several years ago, I went to Dour festival with some friends. I don't remember in which year it was, but Ministry (real bad gig) and Bloodhound Gang (a lot of fun) played on the same stage on the same day. (Blunderpop comment: that must have been the 1999 edition). Upon arriving, we had a discussion about where to pitch our tents, the choice being either beside the road (lots of noise & mud) or next to the fence (the omnipresent smell of piss). Eventually, we decided upon the latter. A good choice as it turned out.

One night we were happily having a chat and enjoying a drink when we saw a tractor rumbling by, with a container in tow. It was a local farmer who helped out with the lavatory refuse. So this particular container was filled to the brim with excrements. Suddenly, the grip of the container snapped. This resulted in a lively fountain of shit, piss and chemicals that sprinkled everyone and everything within a 100 ft radius. One girl in particular, who was sitting in front of her tent next to the road, was literally covered with shit.

imagine getting sprayed with the contents of this baby

The farmer who drove the tractor simply closed the grip again and hopped on his tractor, intending to leave ground zero without a worry on his mind. But before he was able to do so, a dripping and smelly guy pulled him from his tractor, screaming something along the lines of "Like fuck you're gonna leave us here like this!" The farmer pulled out a walkie-talkie in which he mumbled something and beat a hasty retreat.

About 15 minutes later some guy with another tractor and a water hose turned up. He doused the area for about five minutes -which wasn't really effective as there was hardly any pressure on the hose- and cleared off as well. And that was that, as far as Dour festival was concerned.

The area remained smelly for the rest of the festival, but at least we weren't covered in shit. I'm not sure what happened to the girl and her tent though. But I never laughed so hard in my entire life.

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Anonymous tomadde said...

Great! I was there aswell, and saw all those tents covered with shit! It was hilarious (if you didn't have your tent there!). Still one of my favourite festival stories éver!

8:06 PM  
Anonymous marc said...

Check ook deze topic eens voor meer pis-kak-tet verhalen over Dour:

7:16 PM  

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